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The Photographer: ROSS HAMILTON
Ross Hamilton is a 40 year veteran explorer of the Olympic Peninsula and a 50 year student of his art. His long standing pursuit of excellence and accuracy has earned him the respect of those who treasure the beauty of the Olympics. His straightforward style celebrates the beauty of his subjects with little embellishment. For him, the original cannot be improved upon. Though his passions run deep, he lays little claim to artistic achievement, thinking himself to be a ‘copy boy’ for the Creator’s art.

Linhof Technika These images were recorded with 4x5 and 35mm film cameras. Quality digital photography developed after diminished eyesight prevented him from utilizing this new technology. Today these timeless images have been drum scanned to large digital files that yield exceptional clarity for publication and archival photographic prints.

His best advice to fellow photographers is . . .
Be selective. The most valuable control on a digital camera is the “Delete” button.

Meet Ross Hamilton

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